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성 명  김상국 직 위  정교수
전 공  Nanomagnetism and Spin Dynamics
전 화  02-880-5854 팩 스  02-885-1457
이메일  sangkoog@snu.ac.kr
홈페이지  http://sdsw.snu.ac.kr
연구실  33동 307호
- Pohang University of Science and Technology : Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering(1996, 2)
- Pohang University of Science and Technology : M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering(1992, 2)
- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology : B. S. in Materials Science and Engineering(1990. 2)
- Seoul National University, Professor (2011.3-present)
- Director of National Creative Research Center for Spin Dynamics and Spin-Wave Devices, Seoul National    University (2006.4-present)
- Seoul National University, Associate professor (2006.4-2011.2)
- Seoul National University, Assistant professor (2002.1-2006.3)
- Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Research Assistant Professor (2000.3-2001.12)
- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley, Post-doctoral Research    Fellow (1996.10-2000.1)
- Pohang University of Science and Technology, Post-doctoral Researcher (1996.3-1996.9)
 1. International Conference
 - APS March Meeting (March, 2011, Dallas, Texas, USA) : Invited Talk
 - 52nd MMM (November, 2007, Tempa, Florida, USA) : Invited Talk
 - 53rd MMM (November, 2008, Austin, Texas, USA) : Program Committee
 - IEEE Intermag 2009 (May, 2009, Sacramento, California, USA) : Program Committee
 - Joint European Magnetic Symposia (September,2008, Dublin, Ireland) : Session Chair & Invited Talk
 - IEEE MML07 (October, 2007, Perth, Australia) : Session Chair

 2. Publications (as of october 30, 2011)
 - H.-J. Jung, K.-S. Lee, D.-E. Jeong, Y.-S. Choi, Y.-S. Yu, D.-S Han, A. Vogel, L. Bocklage, G. Meier, M.-Y. Im, P. Fischer and S.-K. Kim, "Tunable negligible-loss energy transfer between dipolar-coupled magnetic disks by stimulated vortex gyration",Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) 1, 59(2011)
 - K.-S. Lee, M.-W. Yoo, Y.-S. Choi, and S.-K. Kim, “Edge-soliton-mediated vortex-core reversal    dynamics”,Phys. Rev. Lett. (in press)
 - K.-S. Lee, D.-S. Han, and S.-K. Kim, “Physical origin and generic control of magnonic band gaps of
  dipole-exchange spin waves in width-modulated-nanostrip waveguides” Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 127202   (2009)
 - S.-K. Kim, K.-S. Lee, and D.-S. Han, “A giga-hertz-range spin-wave filter composed of width-modulated    nanostrip magnonic-crystal waveguides” Appl. Phy. Lett. 95, 082507 (2009) (Cover paper)
 - K.-S. Lee, S.-K. Kim, Y.-S. Yu, Y.-S. Choi, K. Y. Guslienko, H.-S. Jung, and P. Fischer, “Universal    criterion and phase diagram for switching a magnetic vortex core in soft magnetic nanodots” Phys. Rev.
   Lett. 101, 267206 (2008)
 - K. Y. Guslienko, A. N. Slavin, V. Tiberkevich, and S.-K. Kim, “Dynamic Origin of Azimuthal Modes Splitting    in Vortex-State Magnetic Dots” Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 247203 (2008)
 - K.-S. Lee and S.-K. Kim, “Two Circular-Rotational Eigenmodes and their Giant Resonance Asymmetry in    Vortex Gyrotropic Motions in Soft Magnetic Circular Nanodots" Phys. Rev. B. 78, 014405 (2008)
 - S.-K. Kim, K.-S. Lee, Y.-S Yu, and Y.-S. Choi, “Reliable low-power control of ultrafast vortex-core    switching with the selectivity in arrays of vortex states by in-plane circular-rotational magneticfields and    spin-polarized currents”Appl. Phys. Lett 92(2), 022509 (2008) (Cover paper)
 - K. Y. Guslienko, K.-S. Lee, S.-K. Kim, “Dynamic Origin of Vortex Core Switching in Soft Magnetic    Nanodots” Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 027203 (2008)
 - J.-Y. Lee, K.-S. Lee, S. Choi, K. Y. Guslienko, and S.-K. Kim, “Dynamic transformations of the internal    structure of a moving domain wall in magnetic nanostripes” Phys. Rev. B 76, 184408 (2007)
 - K.-S. Lee, K. Y. Guslienko, J.-Y. Lee, S.-K. Kim, “Ultrafast Vortex-Core Reversal Dynamics in    Ferromagnetic Nanodots” Phys. Rev. B 76, 174410 (2007)
 - S.-K. Choi, K.-S. Lee, K. Y. Guslienko, and S.-K. Kim, “Strong Radiation of Spin Waves by Core Reversal    of a Magnetic Vortex and their Wave Behaviors in Magnetic Nanowire Waveguides” Phys. Rev. Lett. 98(8),
   087205 (23 February 2007) (Nature Research Highlight, Vol. 446, issue 7131, page 5)
 - S.-K. Choi, K.-S. Lee, and S.-K. Kim, “Spin-wave interference” Appl. Phys. Lett 89(6), 062501 (2006)    (Cover paper)
 - K.-S. Lee, S. K. Choi, and S.-K. Kim, “Radiation of spin waves from magnetic vortex cores by their    dynamic motion and annihilation processes” Appl. Phys. Lett. 87, 192502 (2005) (Cover paper)
 - S.-K. Kim and J. B. Kortright, "Modified Magnetism at a Buried Co/Pd Interface Resolved with X-ray    Standing Waves," Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 1347 (2001)
 - J. B. Kortright and S.-K. Kim,“Resonant magneto-optical properties of Fe near its 2p levels: measurement    and applications,” Phys. Rev. B 62, 12216 (2000)

 - Summary of publications as of October, 2011 : having published 109 papers
 - including 1 paper in Scinetific Reports, 7 papers in Phys.Rev. Lett., 34 papers in Appl. Phys. Lett., 18 papers in Phys. Rev. B,  - and 49 papers in other highly ranked journals (most of them in SCI journals).


A variety of magnetism researches are encountering a renaissance with the help of developments of thin-film growth technology at the atomic levels. Atomically engineered magnetic nanostructures such as superlattices, wires, and dots have driven the magnetic renaissance through findings of the intriguing physical phenomena such as spin-reorientation transition, giant magnetoresistance, exchange bias, spin transfer torque, and multiferroics, as well as nontrivial ultrafast dynamic properties of spin waves and vortices in geometrically confined systems. Professor Sang-Koog Kim is interested in the underlying physics of the aforementioned phenomena as well as their applications to solid state information storage and logic devices, and developments of novel probing techniques able to investigate such nanoscale-related static and dynamic phenomena. Nanostructures such as nanomultilayer, ultrathin magnetic films, nanowires, and patterned dot arrays will be fabricated to search for their novel properties and applications to miniature magnetic devices. In recent years, he earned a government research grant, funded by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology through National Creative Research Initiative Program (KOSEF) for up to 9 years since the April of 2006, working on spin dynamics, in particular on the wave properties of spin waves and vortex dynamics, as well as new classes of nonvolatile solid state information storage and logic devices based on spin dynamics and nanomagnetism. In the upcoming decade, he will focus on the exploitation of the wave theory of spin waves and unveiling the correlations between the wave parameters of spin waves, and the physical parameters of magnetic media, and but also developments of new classes of solid state information storage and logic devices, based on spin waves and vortex dynamics. The ultimate goals of our center is to escape the pre-existing means for information storage and logic operations in MOSFET-based electronic devices, and instead to realize new classes of information storage and logic devices through spin waves and vortex dynamics.